Dec 5, 2013

Midwest Engineer Finds Better Plan than Employer Offer

I’m an engineer for a moderate contracting house in the midwest. My employer offers medical coverage for ~360 a month, which would cost me around $6,300 after premiums & deductible, and $10k after previous plus max out of pocket.

After a half hour of typing information into, the most difficult part being the difficulties of typing information into a smartphone, I was given a choice of 27 plans. The plan I chose will save me $100 a month in premiums, and will lower my premiums & deducible and max out of pocket by $200 and $3,300 per year.

I can keep my existing doctor. My blood pressure medication is covered.

Thank you Obamacare for saving me $1200 in direct premiums, and for potentially saving me $3,300 if something catastrophic happens.

Dec 2, 2013

Great Success with ACA via Site

For all the naysayers … I just signed up on AccessHealthCT for a better individual health care plan (with Anthem/BlueCross) than I had with a different company for an awesome 39% lower monthly premium AND with numerous zero co-pays and co-insurance. $492 a month vrs. $809. Thank you, AHA!!! It was a really easy process, too
Dec 2, 2013

Better Coverage for Less Money!


I have had type one Diabetes for 20 years ( since I was 13). The last ten years, after I graduated from the U of AZ and decided to become a Realtor I have had independent Contractor insurance, which has barely covered anything ( no prescriptions or blood work which are at least $300/month, plus the current $220 monthly premium). I tried about 5 years ago to get Blue Cross Blue Shield through my company and they said it would be $800 a month and not cover anything Diabetes related, so what was the point. I got a letter a few months ago that said my insurance was ending at the end of the year, and I was thrilled, as I said it is substandard! So, after trying a few times on, I got most of the application done and then waited a few weeks till most of the aggression had died down and was able to finish my application with the help of a customer service rep, which took 20 minutes. I am so excited because even without a tax subsidy I am am paying $20 less a month for a Gold plan premium that says it covers blood work and test strips and includes dental, eye , plus if I get pregnant ( which my current insurance did not)!!! I am so excited and that is what I have been thankful for all month!

Nov 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Letter to President Obama

                                                                                                                                                November 28, 2013

Dear President Obama: 

I’ve hesitated talking publically about how I feel about the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.  Of course I’ve talked with close friends and family, but I’ve noticed that when it comes  to a personal  experience, people just don’t want to hear too much and, if they’re against the ACA, they don’t want to understand too much.  I get it in some ways   it’s not easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

I’m 67 years old now.   Forty-one years ago I gave birth to a very premature baby.  Neonatal nurseries were few and far between; her doctors did the best they could and all went well until she turned two.  It was then that we discovered all wasn’t as it should be.  Unabated seizures, 20 plus medicines (some trial medicines from England), 21 hospitalizations over a 4 year period  — Duke in North Carolina, John’s Hopkins in Maryland  for six weeks, Cumberland Head Injury Hospital in Virginia for 2 months, and then to the Montreal Neurological Institute in Canada for 4 visits of over 2 months.

There was a constant battle with insurance companies – begging, pleading for coverage at the different medical centers where her neurologist referred her.  Many hospitalizations went unpaid, I literally pounded the pavement trying to get state funding.  I was told many things to try by well-meaning officials:   get a divorce so you’ll qualify for help, go on TV and tell your story and perhaps someone will cover your airfare to the various hospitals - beg basically.  I refused these suggestions.  Dealing with the day-to-day stress caring for a chronically ill child, raising two other children, working full-time was more than I could handle.  I needed to maintain whatever privacy and self-respect that was left.

Our philosophy was to keep going from hospital to hospital, keep trying different medications, pay what we could, ignore what we couldn’t pay.  We lost mostly everything financially, as well as, losing our marriage, and even worse was having to ignore the other children’s needs at times.  We were very fortunate to have family and some good friends who helped with the older children when I was in the hospital with the sick child.  Yes, the hospitals expected a parent to be there.  Over a two year period, I spent 7 months in hospitals with my child. 

Pre-existing condition was a 4-letter word.  I just didn’t care anymore.  When you have a sick child, you don’t think “I can’t afford it”, you just do it and hope the bill-police don’t lock you up.  Answering the phone during those years was always scary.  Collection calls make you feel lower and lower and lower.  We were a very hard-working middle class family.  We were never on any type of government assistance – no food stamps, no unemployment, no nothing, until her  surgery in 1978 when I was able to get some one-time state funding for hospitalization due to our medical bills versus our incomes.

Things are better now.  My child is in a home, her father helps her immeasurably, my older kids are on their own – successful and happy, I have a wonderful, caring husband and, thanks to you, the ACA has begun.

So for all those who will NOT have to endure the never-ending burdens (emotional, financial) of a personal illness or the illness of a child or relative;  for all those who never again have to worry continuously  about pre-existing conditions, caps, cancelled insurance policies, skyrocketing premiums, and all the rest –  I am profoundly and forever thankful to you, President Obama.  I wish I’d had you in my life, and in my corner, 40 years ago.  And please don’t let those turkeys get you down!

Happy Thanksgiving. 

With my deepest gratitude,


[Editor’s note: redacted the author’s name]

Nov 26, 2013

A reader writes…

My husband an I use tricare prime. For the past 7 years we could not find doctors to take it in our area. As of oct 2013 we had our tricare cancelled. We switched to tricare for life and now we are accepted at most doctors offices. We have no premiums and pay 25% deduct able and have a cap of 2000 out of pocket expense. Yes it is more expensive for deductable but when the doctors won’t take your insurance because your co pay is 12 dollars you end up paying more for your care. What we have for insurance is the same as the ACA and we get a lot more for our money. We are pleased with this and we are happy to know this is available for all Americans.

Nov 26, 2013


As someone who realizes how the intertubes work, I was in no hurry to sign up on As long as I was in be December 15th, I was going to consider it a win. I am in one of the states on the federal government exchange. Last week, I read a story on a favorite news aggregation site that it was around 80% complete and working.

Steeling myself, I tried to sign up.  I could not believe that it took 20 WHOLE MINUTES to sign up and be able to look at plans. The Silver Level plan I’m looking at, before subsidies, was just a few dollars more than the amazingly bad plan I’m currently paying for. Subsidies will save me over $2,000 next year. I may bump it on up and get dental, but I don’t think my dentist is under the plan, but I’ve always paid her so no change there.

$2,000 to pay down debt or save for a new used car or maybe invest in starting my own business. For the first time in several years, it seems like I may have a future.

Nov 21, 2013

Better Policy With Great Savings

My insurance premium went from $355 to $160 a month with the healthcare credit and my policy carries a much lower deductible and significantly better insurance.  Wow!  I’m an ACA success story.


Nov 20, 2013

First Time Insured

My 27-year-old son could not afford the $320 per month premium for health insurance through his work. This week, I helped him sign up (with no problems) on where he found a poilcy for $160 per month, PLUS he will receive a subsidy of $76 per month - a saviings of $236 per month. He can now afford insurance for the first time. BONUS: he registered to vote! Thank you, Affordable Care Act.

Nov 19, 2013


I am a 51 self-employed year-old man with pre-existing conditions.  (Who doesn’t have some, nowadays?) My only choice has been to use the California state-run program for those with pre-existing conditions.  Once my ACA plan starts Jan 1, 2014 (I HOPE!!! — if the Republicans don’t kill it!!!), my premium will be nearly cut in half (I am not even eligible for a subsidy), with better coverage.  I couldn’t be happier, nor more anxious about the future of the ACA, since Republicans are doing all they can to kill it.  PLEASE publicize stories like mine, so people can see that there are many of us who are grateful for the ACA!

Nov 19, 2013

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